Join us

If you’re an undergraduate Economics student currently studying at El Colegio de México, we invite you to join our team at Almanaque Económico. Applicants may join any of the following areas:

Outreach– Staying in contact with personnel from Colmex and other institutions. Physical promotion of the magazine (going to other universities).

Design– Designing the journal’s visual image as well as promotional material. Social network management.

Evaluation*– Establishing and mantaining contact with professors who are willing to help with the final review process, as well as judging the scientific validness of the submitted journals.

The following subjects or their equivalents must have been completed to join the Evaluation area: Microeconomics 2, Macroeconomics 2, Statistics, Multi-variate Caluclus. Linear Algebra is also recommended. Applicants may otherwise join after passing an internal exam.

Grammar and style*– Confirm the submitted articles’ originality and that they comply with the requirements. Correct grammar and style.

To join the Grammar and style area, you must first pass an internal exam.

Technology– Manage and innovate the IT services of the journal.

If you want to join our team, please send an e-mail from your Colmex e-mail adress specifying your area of interest to

Areas marked with an asterisk (*) have the greatest need of new members.